Terms of Indictment


Steve Sack, Star Tribune

In the muddled mess I now call my mental mindset, I run a constant dialogue with my inner IDiot.

Which one of the cravenous crustaceans now infesting the White House (and their Republican rah-rah rat faces) will go down first? Office pools, anyone? The names march through my head like a ticker tapeworm parade. The entire crew stand perched, a set of dominoes, just waiting for the first to go to topple the entire bottom-feeder barnacled bunch.

Has there EVER been a worst set of penal-code-to-come pricks in Washington? These schmucks and their shenanigans make Teapot Dome look like a garden party. (And it is painfully ironic that the Teapot Dome scandal shares a whimsical “imagery” with that sludgy slew of slime known as Tea Partiers. Out of the teapot into the tea party.)

And yet there seems to be a scary silence and just the sound of my own words echoing back to me every time I shout in the halls of justice “Anyone in there? Anyone there? Anyone?”

Is it me or does it seem that things just pile up and pile up and pile up and nothing seems to be jack and jilling down the hilling? What the fuck is going on? When is that final straw going to be stirred? Right now it’s barely being shaken, let alone stirred. In the alternate reality shit show we now call modern life, who are we waiting for? James Bond?

I don’t want to read one more admirable statement from Bernie Sanders or any Democrat on their websites, saying all the right noble things using all the right noble words that Trump supporters can’t read, let alone care about.

I want our guys and girls out in front of the cameras, fire and brimstone, with real people by their sides telling real stories.I want a united front storming the barricades of brazen bullshit that the Republicans have sequestered themselves behind. If we let the anti-Christ posing as Paul Ryan push this healthcare bill abomination through, the aftermath of medical malfeasance “harmaggedon” will make the mass suicide and carnage at Jonestown look like amateur hour. And it will be a form of our own mass suicide—we downed the Kool-Aid, just like Jones’ lobotomized looney toons. They willingly ingested the “Drink Me” shit that made them much smaller in their malevolent Wonderland of Wickedness. So will we.

How’s that for a comparison bound to offend nearly everyone? Yes, I think Trump supporters (and all Republicans, for that matter) are today’s version of Jim Jones’ fanatic fanny packs. He was basically Trump with better hair. All those sad sacks genuflecting before no-Gentleman Jim? I give you Mr. Rust Belt who has no health insurance, no job, probably no teeth, and a big crystal meth habit, which would guarantee that the asshole could or would not work even if you put the coal mine (or factory or fill in the fantasy) right in his living room.

There is a difference, however, between Jonestown and Trumptown. We thought the Jonestown folks were pitiful–not to be emulated, not to be encouraged, not to be romanticized. We were horrified that those like Congressman Ryan who went down to find the truth were mercilessly gunned down by these nutcases.

But the Trumptown denizens? ? We must understand them; we must see how our elitist (read: living in the real world) attitudes punish them; we must enable them; we must consider their “alternative facts” as equal to the, uh, actual facts. Under no circumstances are they to be made to feel uncomfortable or boo-hoo bad about their support of the fascist Nazi who jeopardizes the entire population of the world, let alone our own country.

And, thanks to the misuse of the 2nd Amendment and NRA goons, we have armed the Trump troops to the hilt—look there’s a truth seeker! Bring her down! Lock the bitch up! Throw the Cunt in Jail! Sound familiar?

In my flights of fancy, the neo Nazi-neurologically impaired numbskulls known as Trump supporters (I now call Washington DC, “Reich”ers Island) should all be indicted, along with the crew they put in power.

ADDENDUM: Note to Kellyanne Conway–the “Jonestown Massacre” really did happen. (Next time you are supposedly “guarantined” from the White House for a bit but c’mon sister, you can’t kid a kidder. Which guy did you go to for the overhaul? Maybe he can inject some brain cells along with the Botox.)


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