The Salem Bitch Hunts


A particular, perverse and peculiar appendage of the great voting body in 2016 was the “Hillary and Trump are equal evils” limb sprouting from the communal liberal heart cavity.

Even as a passionate Sanders supporter in the early days, I had no problem turning my allegiance to Clinton after she became the candidate of note. It was crystal clear to me that there was no comparison between the two chosen ones. It was like contrasting Lord Voldemort with Albus Dumbledore. Any third grader could see that.

I was, to put it mildly, stunned at the level of animosity, ire and venomous attacks directed at me by some fellow liberals. Certain friends spent every valuable second of social media time vilifying Clinton (and ignoring Trump completely) up through, and now even after, the election.

What the fuck Felicia?

Politico Editorial Cartoon by Matt Wuerker

It has never been more obvious possibly in the entire recorded history of the human race, and then some, that this election was a choice between pure, unmitigated, unstable, and malignant evil and a very flawed, but basically decent woman working within a very flawed system. This was clear BEFORE the election. After the election, it has been like Universal Studios, and the universe for that matter, have just scheduled an endless loop screening of “Apocalypse Now” on that big wide-screen known as the sky.

And still I read commentary on how Trump is all the DNC’s (and Hillary’s) fault. Even though we all know Clinton won by a staggering 3 million votes. Even though we know about Russian interference…and gerrymandering…and Rust Belched bastards…and…and…and…

This from people who would not dream of impugning Obama, who in truth was less progressive than Clinton and whose Presidency solidified the Trump ascension far more than Clinton’s life and deeds ever could. The political correctness of not going after a black man by liberals somehow does not extend to the female sex. Fear of, and hatred of, women is alive and well even in La La Land. And the Oscar for Best Performance as a Stupid Asshole goes this year to…Susan Sarandon!

America 2016, meet Salem 1692.

What has happened to Hillary Clinton over the last three decades is nothing less than the 21st Century equivalent of the Salem Witch Trials, culminating in a whirling -dervish-dance of degradation known as Election 2016. Condoned by conservatives and liberals alike. A public spectacle that saw the accused witch metaphorically “convicted and hung” as the blood-thirsty throngs bayed at a crooked moon of misogyny.  I think of the factors that contributed most to the Salem sordidness, namely mass hysteria, false accusations and lapses in due process. I think of a system of persecution perpetuated by a patriarchal structure, yet embraced and nourished by misguided, frenzied, fearful women themselves. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Abigail Williams…front and center at a Trump 2016 rally.

Shouting Throw Her in Jail!

Emphasis on the “HER.” Already, in three short weeks, the Trump Administration has assigned the nation men whose misdeeds, criminal activities and general corrupted corrosiveness should guarantee them a lifetime parking spot in some penal pothole in the middle of all roads to hell.  Have you heard one “Throw Him in Jail?”

I think I have made clear how much I despise the Republican Party and anyone who supported or voted for Trump. So this is for some of my fellow liberal—while you have been crowing “ding dong the witch is dead” about Hillary Clinton’s exit into the sunset, you have completely missed the very real devil in front of you.

Come to Salem 1692—a wonderful place to visit. But you wouldn’t want to live there.


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